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Welcome to Elite Kpop, your source for high-quality Korean entertainment icons. Elite Kpop offers a variety of icons that relates to the Korean entertainment/pop culture made by wonderful icon makers. Elite Kpop is a reserved community meaning that all posts are locked and viewable to members only. So, before you do anything, make sure to join the community to enjoy all the pretties. After you've joined, if you would like to gain posting access, please apply here. Thank you for stopping by!

★please remember...

KPop is not limited to Korean music but can also include other aspects of Korean entertainment such as Kdramas, actors/actresses, etc.
Exercise good etiquette and give credit when necessary!
All entries are/must be locked.
Fake cuts are allowed.
Please do not promote any communities in here without permission.
To be respectful, polite, and positive! :)